The Festival Aperçu wants to promote photography in Lyon, France by creating an event every two years.


For its first edition, between the 3rd and 30th of June, the Festival Aperçu has chosen to focus on contemporary film photography, a theme that is both broad and limited. The artists we choose to exhibit testify to the possibilities offered by the silver medium.


Documentaries, collage and photography are all ways chosen by photographers to express a desire for renewal of techniques that are almost 200 years old for some.


The enthusiasm of artists for the processes of silver, sometimes paralleled with the digital one, leads us to ask ourselves what tomorrow's photography will be, between the return of the film, the old processes and the technologies that never cease, Evolve and improve?


Content requirement: choosing quality over quantity, the number of exhibitions will be limited to 10 for the 1st edition.

Artists, both French and foreigners, will be equally paid, and no member of the association will show his personal work.